September 17, 2011: PCC Group Leadership Conference

The Pacific Coast Council (PCC) (Scouts Canada’s local governing body) held its 2011 Group Leadership Conference at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby all day today.

Scouter Ralph from the 18th Seymour has come up with a fantastic way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Baden-Powell Trail (built by scouts across the north shore and completed in 1971 – I remember working on the construction of the trail when I was a young cub and scout).

Scouter Ralph has created Baden-Powell Trail Challenge.  He has broken the trail down into 4 segments.  For each section of the trail that we hike in October, we get one piece of a crest that has been broken into 5 segments.  When all 4 parts of the trail are hiked, a central diamond-shaped crest will be issued .  The 4 semi-circular segments will form a donut shape with the diamond crest filling the middle (shown here and below).  The completed crest will be huge: 7 inches!  This will look pretty sharp on a campfire blanket.

Let’s see if we can hike the entire trail next month.  We can do it all at once (it would take about 3 days) or we can do one section one day each weekend and get all four sections done by the end of the month.  Let’s talk about this at our next meeting.

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