Deal Alert: 30% Off MEC -20 Hybrid Sleeping Bags

MEC is updating a lot of its gear (tents, etc.) and it looks like the next thing to be upgraded are its sleeping bags.  As a consequence they are discounting their inventory of prior models including my top choice for winter sleeping bag, the MEC -20 Hybrid (it looks like the replacement bag will be called the -20 Phoenix Hybrid and it will be priced quite a bit higher).

It looks like sizes are limited as well as stock but the prices are ridiculously low for a bag of this quality.

Get ’em while they last!

UPDATE #1 – Feb. 7/12:  I’m pleased to learn that one of our scouts received a $60 refund today for one of these bags that he had purchased a few weeks ago.  Thanks MEC!

UPDATE #2 – Feb. 9/12:  They are now down to “Regular – Right Zip” bags only.  If you need a great bag for a ridiculously low price…move fast before they’re gone!

UPDATE #3 – Feb. 16/12:  Sorry folks….THEY’RE ALL GONE!  

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