Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

Our Tour of North Shore Rescue’s Operations Centre

What a special treat.  Thanks to Connie DeBoer of North Shore Rescue for arranging for the Scouts to have a special tour of North Shore Rescue’s Operations Centre tonight!  The Scouts enjoyed the special honour of being allowed into “The Embassy” (NSR’s command centre).  After the tour we were scheduled to stay and watch the team during a triage and stretcher rescue training session.  Unfortunately for us, however, the tour was cut short when the team received a “call out”.  No practice tonight!  Time for the real thing!  Everyone there, including Connie (a team member herself) had to respond to the rescue call and so we had to get out of the team’s way and let them do their job.

Thanks again, Connie, and all the other team members for giving the Scouts a really special experience tonight!


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