The Year So Far…

Now that the winter camping season is over, let’s do a quick recap of the year so far:


October:          Alice Lake Orientation Camp  (2 nights)
November:      Joffre Lakes Winter Camp I       (1 night)
January:          Joffre Lakes Winter Camp II      (1 night)
February:        Joffre Lakes Winter Camp III    (2 nights)
March:            Joffre Lakes Winter Camp IV      (1 night)
April:              Joffre Lakes Winter Camp V      (2 nights)


October 2:         Sunday Morning Hike @ Alice Lake
October 11:       Night Hike @ Cypress I
October 16:       Baden-Powell Trail Challenge: Part I – Black Mtn.
October 29:       1st Annual Investiture Ceremony on top the Stawamus Chief (1st peak)
November 8:      Night Hike@ Cypress  II
January 10:        Night Hike @ Cypress III
January 28:        Snowshoe Hike @ Garibaldi Park I  – Recon
February 4:        Snowshoe Hike @ Garibaldi Park II – Red Heather Shelter
February 7:        Night Hike @ Cypress IV
February 18:      Snowshoe Hike near Upper Joffre Lake (+ Scout Investiture)
March 6:             Night Hike @ Cypress V
April 14:             Snowshoe Hike to Upper Joffre Lake & Matier Glacier (+ Leader Investiture)

Special Events:

April 3:                Tour of North Shore Rescue’s Operations Centre
November 11:      West Vancouver Remembrance Day Parade
September 10:     North Shore Candlelight Tribute to Veterans

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We still have a lot to do before the regular season is over.

We’ve got the North Shore Area Camporee next weekend and then one last regular season camp in June.

After that we’ve got the whole summer to look forward to!

Who wants to climb what mountain?

Let’s bag Black Tusk….and what else?

Remember:  Any registered member of Scouts Canada is welcome to join us on any of our activities!

I’m off to an Alpine Club climbing course this weekend at Smoke Bluffs in Squamish….

Everyone play safe and have fun!

Under the Matier Glacier, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. April 14, 2012

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  1. Jody
    Great job for the year. i definitely would want to join your winter camp early next season. keep me posted.

    • Victor: Hey, thanks! You and your troop are welcome to join us on any event – any time!

      That goes for everyone else out there: every Scouts Canada member (or member of any other country’s Scouting organization) is welcome to join us on any event!

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