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2012 North Shore Area Camporee

May 4-6, 2012

Every so often the Mountaineer Scouts have to leave their familiar surroundings and venture into unknown territory.

Here we attend the North Shore Area Troop Camporee at Camp Byng.

A strange and unfamiliar environment for us: the camp is at sea level and there is no snow or ice anywhere to be seen.

Well, let’s not let all this green scare us away…let’s give this a try!

Time to meet our Scouting brothers and sisters that live below the tree-line.

North Shore Area (North & West Vancouver) Troop Camporee held at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast.

How do you spell “camping”?

The 31st Capilano Scouts host me for “invite a leader to lunch” on Saturday. Guess who won first prize for this event?  Hint: the 31st served chocolate fondue with strawberries for dessert!

Saturday night campfire.

Closing ceremony on Sunday.

The boys from the 5th proudly displaying their official camp badges.

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