Joffre Lakes Winter Camp II – FVC “Winter Scouting Skills” Course

February 1-3, 2013

The Mountaineer Scouts helped out this weekend with the Fraser Valley Council’s “Winter Scouting Skills” course for Scout leaders.

Special thanks to Scouter Tim Driscoll (FVC DCC-Scoutcraft) for organizing the event and letting us take the group up into our playground!

Our Winter Playground:

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

About Scouter Jody

1st Mountaineers

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  1. Good Job Jody. Wish I was there too. For the future , if there is a winter camp trip, send out the infor earlier so that we can re-organize our schedules and join you at the mtn.
    Scouter Victor G.

    • Victor: We’re out continually….let us know when you have time for a trip and we’ll see if we can change our schedule to accommodate you! Also, check the calendar (second tab on this website); it’s actually pretty accurate.

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