Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness Videos

UPDATE:  We won!  We won one of the three top prizes (an avalanche beacon, probe and shovel generously donated by Back Country Access)  plus a Grand Prize (a full AST-1 course) for the video: “Backcountry Safety and Avalanche Awareness – #1 Avalanche Bulletins.

Here’s the four entries the Scouts made during Spring Break for the Canadian Avalanche Centre‘s 2013 “Behind the LinesYouth Avalanche Safety Video Contest.

It was our first time trying to make videos and we had to learn as we went along.  It was surprising how much time is needed to produce just a three-minute film (a contest requirement) and how hard it was to fit our messages into such a tight time constraint.  We had planned to make a full set of six videos for the contest but ran out of time.  Oh, well, hopefully they run the contest again next year.

Please vote here for each of our four videos to win the contest (press the “View and Vote for Entries” button).

We can really use the three sets of avalanche safety equipment they will be awarding the top three videos (i.e., three sets of avalanche beacons, probes and snow shovels).  Plus one of our Scouts could even win the  Grand Prize of a full Avalanche Skills Training Course (AST)!

Voting ends April 15, 2013.

Currently there are only three competing entries and the highest number of votes for those entries is 27.  Let’s show the Canadian Avalanche Centre and the entire Canadian backcountry community how much support for avalanche awareness can come from Scouting in Canada!  Let’s rock the vote!

Thank you.

Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #1 Avalanche Bulletins:


Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #2 The Ten Essentials:


Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #3 The Three Winter Essentials:


Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #4 The Evaluator System:


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