2014 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

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Do you have a taste for Real Adventure? Then join us at the 2014 Mountaineering Camp to be held at the Alpine Club of Canada‘s picturesque Asulkan Cabin high up in Rogers Pass in Canada’s spectacular Glacier National Park!

There will be two week-long sessions offered in 2014:

Week one: July 12-19.
Week two: July 19-26.

Here’s photos, videos and stories from the 2013 Mountaineering Camp:


2013 Mountaineering Camp team ready to practice ice axe self-arrest:

The Asulkan Cabin (6,890 ft./2,100 m.) can accommodate 4 Instructors/Leaders and 10 youth participants (Scouts/Venturers).



B.C.’s Selkirk Mtns:


2013 Mountaineering Camp team in front of the Asulkan Hut:

We will book the cabin for our exclusive use and do a multi-day (8 days/7 nights) basic mountaineering camp on the slopes behind it (i.e., training, conditioning and acclimatizing in stages higher up the mountain each day) culminating with an ascent of  Youngs Peak (9,341 ft./2,847 m.).

On the first day we will meet and stay at the ACC’s  Wheeler Cabin (4,100 ft./1,250 m.) located beside the Illeciliwaet (pronounced illy-sil-la-wet) camp ground parking lot (Glacier National Park) and rest and get to know the team after our journeys to Rogers Pass before heading out the next morning for the high camp.

The trail head starts from the Wheeler Cabin. It’s a spectacular 7 km. hike in to the Asulkan Cabin with a 2,790 ft./850 m. elevation gain (the majority of which is done in the last kilometre or so on the narrow spine of a glacial moraine that winds up the slope to the hut). We will have all day to hike in. The trail rises gently along the floor of the Illeciliwaet and Asulkan Valleys surrounded by towering peaks, past avalanche paths and waterfalls before starting the ascent through a subalpine forest, culminating with the hike up the moraine to the Asulkan Cabin.

The cabin is extremely comfortable and well equipped: you will not need to bring your sleeping pads, mess kits, cook ware, stoves or tents on this trip since these things are all stocked at the cabin.

Cell phone and 3G data service is available at the cabin (it’s fun to be able to say “Hi” to your families from such a lofty perch up in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains and upload photos to Twitter or Facebook). Heat, light and cooking is powered by propane.

Ice axes, crampons, seat harnesses, helmets and two locking carabiners will be required by all attendees (most of this gear can be rented from MEC rather inexpensively). Participants are responsible for their own electrical needs (the organizers have Goal Zero solar powered recharging systems for their own gadgets but cannot be responsible for recharging everyone else’s gadgets).


Day 1: Saturday – travel to Rogers Pass – stay at Wheeler Cabin;
Day 2: Sunday – hike to high camp – begin stay at Asulkan Cabin;
Day 3: Monday – introduction to snow travel, ice axe usage and self-arrest;
Day 4: Tuesday – introduction to crampons and roped travel;
Day 5: Wednesday – introduction to snow anchors, snow rappelling and belaying and crevasse rescue;
Day 6: Thursday – climb Youngs Peak (9,341 ft./2,847 m.) – “alpine start” (early a.m. departure) – headlamps required;
Day 7: Friday – fun day: practice all skills – let’s explore Asulkan Pass; and
Day 8: Saturday – hike down to valley & travel home.

Here’s the cabin 7,000 ft. up at the south end of Rogers Pass:

A view of its backyard – a mountaineer’s playground (Youngs Peak is at the center top of the photo):

All the great peaks of Rogers Pass are viewable from the cabin’s front porch:

Email the Event Leader if you are interested in attending. Put “2014 Mountaineering Camp” in the subject line.

scouterjody [at] gmail.com

The cost of this week-long event will be approximately $500 for adults and $400 for youth (includes food, lodging, group climbing gear, satellite monitoring, etc.). This is a third of what commercial operators charge for similar camps.

This event will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis subject to the Event Leader’s approval of each applicant. Last year the event booked up rather quickly. Don’t assume you can wait until the new year to book your spot.

All details subject to change. This camp is dependant on a number of variables and we must be flexible and organize it accordingly.

2013 Mountaineering Camp team on the summit of Youngs Peak:

UPDATED:  May 19, 2014

BOLD = Confirmed.

This event is limited to 10 youth.

The first 10 fully paid are confirmed; everyone else will be “wait listed”.

===== WEEK ONE: July 12-19 =====


1. B. Jody Lotzkar, Event Leader, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Scouts, West Vancouver, B.C. [MCamp13 Organizer]
2. Jason Gadd, 1st Golden Scouts, Golden, B.C. [MCamp13 Participant]
3. Dennis Aylen, 2nd Langley Scout Group, Langley, B.C.


1. Meredith Faulkner, 1st Bedford Venturers, Fall River, Nova Scotia [MCamp13 Participant]
2. Ben, 1st Golden Scouts [MCamp13 Participant]
3. Simon, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Venturers [MCamp13 Participant]
4. Keir, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Scouts [MCamp13 Participant]
5. Jackson, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Venturers
7. Callum, 1st Golden Scouts
8. Robert, 1st Golden Scouts
9. Douglas, 1st Golden Scouts
10. Cassie, 1st Golden Scouts

===== WEEK TWO: July 19-26 ====


1. B. Jody Lotzkar, Event Leader, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Scouts, West Vancouver, B.C. [MCamp13 Organizer]
2. Nick Wiggins, 1st Okotoks Scouts, Okotoks, Alberta
3. Brad Tataryn, 1st Golden Scouts, Golden, B.C.


1. Meredith Faulkner, 1st Bedford Venturers, Fall River, Nova Scotia [MCamp13 Participant]
2. Simon, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Venturers [MCamp13 Participant]
3. Keir, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Scouts [MCamp13 Participant]
4. Luc, 5th West Vancouver Mountaineer Venturers
5. Thomas, 1st Okotoks Scouts
6. Cody, 18th Morrisroe Scouts, Red Deer, Alberta
7. Carter T., 1st Golden Scouts
8. Elias, 1st Golden Scouts
9. Kurt, 1st Golden Scouts
10. Sawyer, 1st Golden Scouts


So…who wants to have some fun this summer?

2013 Mountaineering Camp Badge

This event is open to any member of Scouts Canada who has a taste for real adventure!

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