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Destination: Mt. Rainier

July 23-29, 2016

In August of 2014, we were forced to abandon our attempt to climb Mt. Rainier (14,410′/4,394m) when two of our team were struck with a savage stomach flu at Camp Muir.  It was bitterly disappointing to have to bail and we swore that we’d be back one day…

We’ve waited long enough…

It’s time for a rematch!

Mt. Rainier comes first on National Geographic‘s list of “10 Classic American Dream Adventures“.

“Rainier is one of my favorite mountains in the world,” Melissa Arnot says. “It’s a long endurance climb that weaves through crevasses, over rock fins, and across beautiful open glacier slopes. It gives you every opportunity to challenge yourself and experience what mountaineering is all about. It offers all the challenge and requires all the skill you will need to climb similar peaks in the Andes, Himalaya, or really anywhere in the world.”

Here’s a video of our adventure… 

And here’s some high resolution still photos…

Note 1:  Click on any photo below to start a full-screen slide show carousel with captions.
Note 2: There are some additional videos included below the photo gallery.

2015 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

July 4-11, 2015


2014 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

Week 1: July 12-19, 2014
Week 2: July 19-26, 2014

Two weeks back-to-back!

Week 1 had decent weather and we were able to summit Youngs Peak (9235’/2815m).

Week 2 got hit by a freak Arctic storm the night before out summit attempt (100kph winds with snow rocked the cabin the first night).  The storm lasted two days and, unfortunately, we were unable to climb Youngs Peak that week (we still had lots of fun though).

Destination: Kilimanjaro

July 28 – August 3, 2013

After a grueling five day approach trek in the thin air of extreme altitude, Scout Simon (14) left the comfort of his warm sleeping bag at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 1, 2013, and an hour later headed out into the sub-zero dark of night (-10°C to -15°C) – with only half the oxygen to breathe than at sea level – to begin his climb to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa – 19,341 feet/5,895 metres above Tanzania and Kenya – the highest free-standing mountain in the world – one of the legendary “Seven Summits” – Kilimanjaro!

Here’s a video photo-diary of his journey:


More photos:


And here’s a video photo-diary from his travels in Africa after his climb:


2013 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

June 28-July 5, 2013

In 2013, we discovered Facebook and our blog posts on this page pretty much dried up.

To catch up, we’ll do a series of short posts with the highlights (mostly video) of each year since.

So, let’s re-start the blog by going back to MCamp13:


2013 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

June 28-July 5, 2013

2013 Mountaineering Camp

10 youth:  Half guys; half gals – Half Scouts; half Venturers – Ages 11-18.

One week at the Alpine Club of Canada’s Asulkan Hut (7,000′) in Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park, B.C.

Three days of mountaineering training then……climb Youngs Peak (9,341’/2,847 m)!

This is their week in pictures…


We owe a very special “Thank You” to Parks Canada for allowing us to have this amazing week in Glacier National Park.


Vérèna:  Thanks for believing in this project!

Note:  Click on any photo below to start a full-screen slide show with captions.


Note: You can raise the resolution for each of these videos to 720p or 1080p to substantially improve their image quality!

BiPoLar AdRenaLine Edition

If you want to see all those photos (and more) blasted past your eyes to the tune of some rocking music, then give this video a try:

Here Comes Dinner!

Note:  The Scouts didn’t know that the helicopter was bringing them fresh, hot pizza for dinner.
We had only arrived at the high camp a few minutes earlier after a challenging hike up the mountain.  I love it when a plan comes together!


A 360 degree pan from the top of the Youngs Peak headwall as we descend back to the Asulkan Hut.


Meredith Faulkner’s Fast & Fun Video Recap of the 2013 Mountaineering Camp:

This is what we call “High Adventure”!



Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness Videos

UPDATE:  We won!  We won one of the three top prizes (an avalanche beacon, probe and shovel generously donated by Back Country Access)  plus a Grand Prize (a full AST-1 course) for the video: “Backcountry Safety and Avalanche Awareness – #1 Avalanche Bulletins.

Here’s the four entries the Scouts made during Spring Break for the Canadian Avalanche Centre‘s 2013 “Behind the LinesYouth Avalanche Safety Video Contest.

It was our first time trying to make videos and we had to learn as we went along.  It was surprising how much time is needed to produce just a three-minute film (a contest requirement) and how hard it was to fit our messages into such a tight time constraint.  We had planned to make a full set of six videos for the contest but ran out of time.  Oh, well, hopefully they run the contest again next year.

Please vote here for each of our four videos to win the contest (press the “View and Vote for Entries” button).

We can really use the three sets of avalanche safety equipment they will be awarding the top three videos (i.e., three sets of avalanche beacons, probes and snow shovels).  Plus one of our Scouts could even win the  Grand Prize of a full Avalanche Skills Training Course (AST)!

Voting ends April 15, 2013.

Currently there are only three competing entries and the highest number of votes for those entries is 27.  Let’s show the Canadian Avalanche Centre and the entire Canadian backcountry community how much support for avalanche awareness can come from Scouting in Canada!  Let’s rock the vote!

Thank you.

Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #1 Avalanche Bulletins:


Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #2 The Ten Essentials:


Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #3 The Three Winter Essentials:


Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness – #4 The Evaluator System:


The ACC Presents Fred Beckey

February 26, 2013

The Mountaineer Scouts were guests of the Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section, at their monthly social on Tuesday night.  The special guest speaker was the legendary Fred Beckey. Fred captivated the audience during a two hour slide and film retrospective of his over 70 years of climbing in North America. Fred turned 90 a few weeks ago. He says he’s on his way to Red Rocks, Nevada, for some rock climbing this spring and has plans for another trip to the Bugaboos this summer.

Here’s the ACC’s write up of him for this event:

“Fred Beckey will present highlights from his climbing adventures and first ascents. If you look in guide books for Mt. McKinley, Mt. Hunter, Mt. Deborah, Mt. Waddington, The Canadian Rockies, The Bugaboos, The Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Wind River Range, Desert Tower, Squamish, Mexico (etc, etc…) chances are you’ll see Fred Beckey listed, often as the first person to ascend a particular mountain or route. It’s also likely he’s written the book. Whether you are a mountaineer or a rock climber, Fred’s got something to say of interest to you. And if you’re going climbing, there’s a good chance he’ll hitch a ride to the crag, the mountain or the ice. On January 14th, at least according to a couple of websites, he turned 90. Come out and wish him a belated Happy Birthday!”

Note: Fred mentioned that he was first introduced to the mountains as a Boy Scout (that would have been during the 1930s).

It was a late night for the Scouts but this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet a living legend:


A look-back at the first six months of our Scouting year….in less than four minutes:


Joffre Lakes Winter Camp II – FVC “Winter Scouting Skills” Course

February 1-3, 2013

The Mountaineer Scouts helped out this weekend with the Fraser Valley Council’s “Winter Scouting Skills” course for Scout leaders.

Special thanks to Scouter Tim Driscoll (FVC DCC-Scoutcraft) for organizing the event and letting us take the group up into our playground!

Our Winter Playground:

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

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