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Our Year-end BBQ & Rock Climbing Party

We held our year-end BBQ at Whytecliff Park and got our first try at climbing at our new home crag (only about a kilometre from our meeting hall).  We dubbed the crag the “Royal Flush” (i.e., “WC” for Whytecliff and the bottom is a bowl that partially fills and empties with water during the day).  The Scouts have come a long way since their first try at rock climbing a few weeks ago!

Special thanks to Scout Mom, Helen, for organizing the BBQ party!

On behalf of myself and all of the Scouts, I say, “Thank You” to all of the parents for having the courage to let us have such a wonderful first year adventure as “Mountaineer Scouts”!

Now… what should we plan for next year and how are we going to top this year?  Well, I might just have a few ideas……

Climb High!


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