Destination: Baden-Powell Peak

Baden-Powell Peak: 18,760 ft./5,718 m.*
Langtang National Park

* Or possibly: 19,111 ft./5,825 m. or least likely: 19,324 ft./5,890 m.

Target date: Spring 2016

Are you interested in joining our group on an international expedition to climb the founder’s namesake peak in the Himalayas in the Spring of 2015?

We welcome applications from Scouts in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and the United States (and everywhere else on earth).

The goal is to put an international team on the summit with the World Scouting Flag along with the Scout flags of each team member’s country in the Spring of 2016.

We will partner with Nepal Scouts for this expedition.

Some mountaineering experience and a certain level of fitness will be required for this expedition for those climbing the mountain.

Those not wishing to climb but wanting to come with us as a trekking experience are welcome!

Langtang National Park is a far less travelling part of the Himalayas and will present an entirely different experience than the trek to EBC. You can stay in the beautiful village at the base of the mountain and enjoy the culture while the climbing team heads up the mountain. Those wanting to do this part of the trip as a trekking experience will also not pay as much as those climbing the mountain (less costs for mountain guides, gear, etc.).

NOTE: This expedition will immediately follow a trek to Everest Base Camp (17,598 ft./5,364 m.). Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal.

The trek is a classic introduction to the Himalayas and will serve to acclimatize the team to the altitude that we will face when we go for BP Peak.

The Himalayas, Nepal:

Base Camp Below the Summit (16,404 ft./5,000 m):

Baden-Powell Peak, Langtang National Park, Nepal (19,324 ft./5,890 m.):

A closer look at the summit approach:

=========================== UPDATE ===========================

UPDATE: November 30, 2013:

Below are the people and countries that have expressed interest so far (bold means confirmed):

Climbing Leaders:

1. Jody Lotzkar, Event Leader, 1st Mountaineer Scouts, B.C., CANADA
2. Neala Hutchinson, 1st Fairfield Rovers, Chilliwack, B.C., CANADA


Climbing Youth:

1. Simon, 1st Mountaineer Venturer, B.C., CANADA

Trekking Team:

1. Tammi Mason, 1st Mountaineer Scouts, B.C., CANADA
2. Samantha, 1st Mountaineer Scouts, B.C., CANADA


Who wants to come along for the adventure of a life time?

Put yourself in this picture: Spring, 2015!

This trip is open to anyone who has a taste for real adventure!

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