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Monthly Night Hike V

A fantastic time was had by all!  Can’t wait for next month!

Clear skies tonight over the north shore mountains and a full moon this week. Sounds like it's time for our monthly night hike!

The moon keeping an eye on us as we hike up the mountain to the Upper Warming Hut on Hollyburn.

Time to bust out the hot chocolate & the crazy carpets! Sorry for the blurry photo. The night skiing lights of Grouse Mountain are visible on the left & some of the city lights far below us are visible on the right.

Okay, does anyone have any tips on how best to ride one of these suckers?

And you wonder why they call these things "crazy carpets".

Okay, I see that this is going to end badly.

Monthly Night Hike III

January 10, 2012

Sometimes you have to change your plans when conditions change.

After checking the weather forecast this morning, I did just that.  The forecast called for totally clear skies over the North Shore for the evening and I already knew that we had a full moon this week.  That was enough to put out the call to the troop:  scratch the regular meeting in the church – it’s time for our monthly night hike on Cypress!

We had perfect conditions and everyone really enjoyed our moonlit tour of Cypress.  The biggest change since the last time we did this was the addition of all the night lighting and trail grooming for the cross-country skiers.  We had to walk single file along the edge of the trails that we were used to being the sole users of at that time of night.  Not tonight though.  Dozens and dozens of skiers zoomed by us as we hiked along.  Many were participating in an organized race.

We stopped at the Upper Warming Hut as usual and enjoyed a short break before heading back down the mountain into the bright lights of the Cypress Nordic Ski Area and then home.

Note:  Click on the first picture to start a full screen carousel slide show of the pictures with captions.


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