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Monthly Night Hike V

A fantastic time was had by all!  Can’t wait for next month!

Clear skies tonight over the north shore mountains and a full moon this week. Sounds like it's time for our monthly night hike!

The moon keeping an eye on us as we hike up the mountain to the Upper Warming Hut on Hollyburn.

Time to bust out the hot chocolate & the crazy carpets! Sorry for the blurry photo. The night skiing lights of Grouse Mountain are visible on the left & some of the city lights far below us are visible on the right.

Okay, does anyone have any tips on how best to ride one of these suckers?

And you wonder why they call these things "crazy carpets".

Okay, I see that this is going to end badly.

Monthly Night Hike IV

A full moon and a clear night sky. Another perfect day in paradise!

Don't pick a fight with our guys! They're trained trek pole duellists!

Another spectacular full moon and clear night sky over Cypress Provincial Park!

We headed up the Hollyburn Mountain trail and then veered over to the Upper Warming Hut for some hot chocolate.

Once it was time for home, the boys pulled their troop-issued crazy carpets out of their backpacks and rode them down the mountain trails all the way to the parking lot.

Good clean fun!

BTW…the horizontal string of lights in the background are the night skiing lights of Grouse Mtn. (4,039 ft) approximately 5 km away across the Capilano watershed and the valley containing Capilano Lake.

October 16, 2011: Black Mountain Hike

North Vancouver Scouter Ralph Rinke devised The Baden-Powell Trail Challenge to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its opening in 1971.

Challenge Accepted!

Part I:  Horseshoe Bay straight up over Black Mountain to Cypress Provincial Park – COMPLETED.

“A steep but rewarding trail, with magnificent views over Howe Sound, leads to the alpine meadows and small lakes of the summit plateau.  Although close to Vancouver and easily accessible, Black Mountain demands considerable expenditure of energy by those who ascend it from the west; the result, however, makes it worthwhile.”  103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia, Mary & David Macaree.

7 hours.  3500 feet elevation gain.  A “considerable expenditure of energy“…yeah, you might say that!

Note:  Click on a picture to start a full screen carousel slide show with captions.


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