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Joffre Lakes Winter Camp III

February 17-19, 2012 

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What view will you have from your tent this weekend?

There’s less than 19 hours remaining on the countdown timer on the front page of our website!

This will be our third trip up to Joffre this year.

The BC Highways web camera shows plenty of new snow.  Who’s getting excited?

We will be out of cell phone coverage for the weekend but we’ll post photos and stories as soon as we get back!

Last chance: Anyone else want to join us?

Upper Joffre Lake, Joffre Lake Provincial Park, B.C.

This one is for all you skiers out there!

Guaranteed to put a big ol’ smile on your face or your money refunded!

Deal Alert: MSR 30″ Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

30% Off at Sport Chek/Atmosphere

The bad boys are for our heavier members.   😉

They’ll float a 280 lb. load in the pow.  That’s a 230 lb. dude with a 50 lb. pack (or a 50 lb. dude with a 230 lb. pack).   😯

Killer deal for a killer snowshoe!

I saw 10 pairs still available at my local Sport Chek.  Check your local outlet if you are in the market for some big dog shoes.

Monthly Night Hike IV

A full moon and a clear night sky. Another perfect day in paradise!

Don't pick a fight with our guys! They're trained trek pole duellists!

Another spectacular full moon and clear night sky over Cypress Provincial Park!

We headed up the Hollyburn Mountain trail and then veered over to the Upper Warming Hut for some hot chocolate.

Once it was time for home, the boys pulled their troop-issued crazy carpets out of their backpacks and rode them down the mountain trails all the way to the parking lot.

Good clean fun!

BTW…the horizontal string of lights in the background are the night skiing lights of Grouse Mtn. (4,039 ft) approximately 5 km away across the Capilano watershed and the valley containing Capilano Lake.

Deal Alert: 30% Off MEC -20 Hybrid Sleeping Bags

MEC is updating a lot of its gear (tents, etc.) and it looks like the next thing to be upgraded are its sleeping bags.  As a consequence they are discounting their inventory of prior models including my top choice for winter sleeping bag, the MEC -20 Hybrid (it looks like the replacement bag will be called the -20 Phoenix Hybrid and it will be priced quite a bit higher).

It looks like sizes are limited as well as stock but the prices are ridiculously low for a bag of this quality.

Get ’em while they last!

UPDATE #1 – Feb. 7/12:  I’m pleased to learn that one of our scouts received a $60 refund today for one of these bags that he had purchased a few weeks ago.  Thanks MEC!

UPDATE #2 – Feb. 9/12:  They are now down to “Regular – Right Zip” bags only.  If you need a great bag for a ridiculously low price…move fast before they’re gone!

UPDATE #3 – Feb. 16/12:  Sorry folks….THEY’RE ALL GONE!  

A Bluebird Day At Garibaldi Provincial Park

February 4, 2012

On Saturday we did a snowshoe trip up to the Red Heather shelter in the Diamond Head area of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

We had two Scouts from the 5th West Van (plus a dad and younger sibling) and three Rovers from different PCC & FVC groups that we connected with on their excellent web forum:

It was a real pleasure to hike with Andrew, Kim and Mark.  Amazingly talented and impressive Rovers.

Once we arrived at the shelter we were immediately greeted by a contingent of Venturers from the 1st Coquitlam Scout group (the benefits of having readily identifiable head gear) that had arrived earlier in the afternoon.  After we exchanged email addresses and got to know them (and woofed down some lunch), it was time to head back down the trail for home.

We’ll be back every weekend this month (except the weekend of our two night camp up at Joffre Lake).

If anyone wants to join us, just shout!



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